About This Guy

M. J. Kelley is a published short story author, speculative fiction aficionado, and humorist with a passion for education. He is the founder and publisher at Kōsa Press, the founder and director of Write Draft Critique, and holds an MFA in Fiction from Mills College. He’s fond of fog and can peel a carrot with a look. M. J. dwells in San Francisco, CA, seasonally as well as year round.

Now for some street cred:

Dude is old school, having published short fiction in print literary journals like the Berkeley Fiction Review, NANO Fiction, and the Porter Gulch Review. Recently, he contributed to the co-authored science fiction book, Interspeciesand has published on SFFWorld.com. Kelley is also self-published and displays many examples of his flash fiction on this very site. Check it.

M. J. is the founder and director of Write Draft Critique: the Virtual School for Creative Writers, a website for writers who are dedicated to professional critique and continued growth and improvement. To find out more, or to apply for the workshop, go here.

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